The Bambino class uses a very small kart with a Comer C50 engine, registered with the importers Zip Kart.  The tyres are all weather Le Cont, meaning that separate slick and wet rain tyres are not required.  Top speed is about 38mph.  New karts cost about £1900.

The class is for 6 – 8 year olds, who must undertake a special training and competency programme before sending for their licence. Before starting the training download the Bambino Training Record Card from the MSA website here:  and print it off.  Find out where the nearest club or school is that offers the training, contact Zip or the local club or ARKS School (  Download a licence form (the first licence is free) from the MSA here and get it ready with two photographs of the driver to take to the training centre.  The parent or guardian also needs a PG Entrant licence from here: which costs £20 (free for under 18 year olds). One photo is required and the forms need to be sent off together once endorsed by the ARKS Examiner or Instructor after the training.  The details of the training can be found here:

There is a Motorsport UK Championship for the class, visiting 7 clubs round the country.  See the promoter Zip Kart’s website here.   Zip will also have a list of clubs offering training programmes. Some clubs, but not all, offer Bambino events at their regular club meetings, go to the Clubs Listing for club details and make inquiries locally.